ON LINE UPS IntelliQ Su-Kam

sukam_IntelliQThe first function of the UPS ON LINE Su-Kam is to protect sensitive equipment and sophisticated cons all kinds of electrical disturbances that can affect proper operation. Voltage drop, power surges, cuts, spikes, noise, distortion, power of lightning.


Double conversion technology with the voltage and frequency independent

The technology of digital signal processing which provides 100% pure energy non-magnetic, provides a full charge and increases the lifespan of the battery.

Intelligent battery management system: The UPS is equipped with a monitoring system that tests the battery, load, unload and manages the batteries. The batteries are protected against overload and total discharge.

Galvanic isolation: The on-line UPS IntelliQ Su-Kam totally isolates the load of all the problems that may arise during the arrival: 100% protection against all forms of disturbances including noise.

ON LINE UPS IntelliQ Su-Kam ensures:

highly sophisticated equipment Secure

Provides full support and protection and better battery life

A 100% protection to the charge against disturbances

immediate transition (in phase synchronization)

cold start

Low power consumption

Lower operating temperature

Less heat on loading facilities.

Acting as an interface between the network and loads, the UPS ensures continuity and quality of power supplied to the load without your load is affected by the state voltage and frequency of the voltage measured at the entrance. This technology is called VFI (Voltage Frequency Independent).

Su-Kam ON LINE INTELLI-Q also isolates the load of distortion and noise completely from the mains. It provides protection to 100% paid for the entire range of current harmonics of the defect, including common and noise.

This is a firewall between the efficiency of electricity

incoming and sensitive electronic equipment,

protecting them against quality problems



Computerized industrial equipment

Telecommunication Systems

Call Center

Medical Equipment

Recording studio

10 KVA to 30 KVA 500VA to 10 KVA
Applications Applications
Internal communications networks Security Systems
Workstations Personal computers
Telecommunication Systems Desktops
Call centers Network
Medical electrical equipment Web servers and modules
Bio-instrument Outlets, systems boxes

Satellite Systems Registers

Air traffic control systems Call Center
Industrial Equipment Industrial Equipment
Gasoline stations

- ISO 9001 and ISO 14001,


Pure energy that powers your equipment efficiently and smoothly

cold start

Thermal Management System

Protection against overloads and short circuits

Protection against deep discharges

electronic display settings



Based on digital signal processing the most technologically advanced, Su-Kam UPS Line Interactive is used for:

Data Processing Centre

Telecommunication Systems

Lighting systems

Security Systems

Production Units