Founded in 2010 in Burkina Faso for the implementation and integration of telecommunications systems, supply and installation of solar energy systems, computer systems in Africa in general, SYSCOM NETWORK plays an essential role in a rapidly boom. This telecom sector and clean energy has grown exponentially in recent years, forcing operators to use strategies increasingly innovative in order to gain an important position in a market that seems saturated. So that interested companies face this challenge with confidence. We (Syscom) will provide a permanent basis through a closely our technical and functional skills. Our knowledge of the energy sector and telecommunications allows us to develop a strategy oriented and tailored to your undertakings. The delay of the African continent in the field of energy and CNTs has strongly influenced our desire to help develop the continent and our country Burkina Faso in particular. To do this we made surround partners in other continents that are advanced in its fields.

In the field of energy we benefit from the knowledge of our Indian friends, who meet the demand for energy consumption of the old civilization of the world do further research.

Some Israeli companies have been willing to support us in our desire to help our operators of telecommunications to be among those who have the best networks in the world.

The company now has more officers (Engineers and Technicians) specializing in telecommunications and various nationalities.
Technical capacity and experience of our staff allow us to realize turnkey projects of any size.

Our focus area is comprised mainly of the work of Survey, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance, support and control.
Our activities are determined by a set of structured global offer services to our customers, our business is dedicated to operators and suppliers of telecommunications companies and other services.

Our activities in the field of energy are determined by an open offer to businesses large consumption to households by offering varied.